1/72 MM W-Gundam Zero Custom [B-Club Resin Kit] Remodeling

I’ve been working on remodeling the Mechanical Moving 1/72 Full-Resin Kit by B-Club. I’m adding slight detail and updating the portions to match WZC’s updated look in the  GundamW Glory of the Losers manga. I hope to create a nice blend of new and old.

A full progress of the head remodeling can be found over on the GundamEclipse forums or here.

The primered head is nearly completed. Just a bit more cleanup work and some small scribing details left.




It’s Name is Epyon… [WIP]



I wasn’t planning to do much to Epyon as I had liked Katoki’s render as it appeared in GOL but, with the inspiration of a few returning oversea’s modelers such as E-Day a bit of a fire has been lit inside.

As you saw in the previous picture I’m thinking I will inject some vintage Evolve Seed-era styling as well as a bit of my own while clearly keeping it Epyon. Sorry, no TV version this time.


1. Scratchbuilt a lower portion to the center chest. The original epyon design in Wing had a white-grey square around the center lens. I wanted to add this element back to Katoki’s EW redesign. I had to do a bit of retooling to get the cockpit portion to attach to the chest armor to make it easily removable for later painting.
2. Scratchbuilt a roundish-square camera lens. I wanted something different than the round circle it had to contrast Wing Zero a bit more. Started with a 3mm pla-plate and beveled it with a file. Afterards I rounded the edges with a hobby knife and used a sanding sponge to smooth it all out.
3.General Pla-plate detailing. Epyon doesn’t have alot of room so I decided to raise the armor and extend it a hair instead of scribing details.
4. Carved out some notches in the red piece and then glued in some pla-plate details.
5. Extended the chin with 0.5mm plastic and filed to shape.
6. Added detail and extended the cheeks a hair.
7. Sanded off the red fins on the ears, the doubled (4 fin) look it had was slightly congested looking to me and the angle was bothering me.
8. Used some platsic to reshape the ear with a bit more definition and length with a cut-a-way revealing a bit of layering. A lower fin was scribed onto the lower half.
9. More detailing to break up the armor a bit more. Still need to shape it.
10. Adding 0.2mm plaplate details to the inside of the chest and also filling up dead space for the lens to fit better.
11. Extending and raising the center of the head and extending the bottom edge of the V-Fin’s center downwards so it covers more. Currently I think the V-Fin in general is a bit small in size and bulk.
12. A total pain. Using 0.5mm plastic plate and a series of exacto blades super glued together (every other blade up and down) I created a tool to scribe neat rows of lines. I then used my knife on some of them to bevel one edge of each scribed marked to give it a slight layered look (as shown on the bottom picture.) As a whole it is a bit sloppy but, the areas I’m using are small enough so it looks good. I will have to be way more patient when making future layered parts. Lastly, I then cut out the frame and vent sections and glued on my homemade layerd plastic in its place. Once dry I’ll hopefully trim them down to the original shapes.

Dengeki Hobby NOV2000: Wing Builds

A classic issue of Dengeki Hobby at the top of the Gundam Wing crazy. This issue features remodeling on all the 1/144 GundamW kits with pilot sculpts, a 1/100 HG Wing Gundam Remodeling (including a head to match the opening scene,) a SD remodeling and even the production shots as the PG Wing Zero Custom was being developed.



My GundamW AnotherStory Fanart


Here is a fanart I did for a little idea that had been brewing in my head after the disappointing concusion to GundamW Frozen Teardrop. The premisis is I wanted to do my own variant and reimagination of a future gundam for Heero Yuy in a post Endless Ealtz story. I like a lot of elements from Frozen Teardrop but, the rehasing rewritten backstories and interconnection they added for all the characters just was annoying in my opinion. Nobody watched Gundam Wing for the stories, it was all for the beautiful super-mecha tearing through the battlefield.

As a fan art it of course has a completely stupid fanfiction plot to accompany it which yours truely dreamed up.

The story takes place 7 years following Endless Waltz. Mankind has move past the stars and have the project to colonize Jupiter and Mars has entered its final stages. After the events of Endless Waltz the Earth and Space Colonies were able to peacefully coincide, the now Unified Colonies under the leadership of the delegate Quatre Winner and the Earth Sphere under  the Peace Senate led by Vice Foreign Minister, Relena Darlin/Peacecraft. Through their unified partnership peace finally became a reality until the year AC.203. Following Relena’s maternity leave, fellow Senate memeber Dorothy Catalonia steps up to continue the relations in her stead. Later that month following a tour to Earth to renegotiate free trade between the Unified Colonies and Earth, representative Quatre Raberba Winner was assainated his home L4 colony simultaneously was destroyed by a fraction claiming to be the Ghost of the Battlefield…

[Asagi Sakura Art Book] Frozen Teardrop, Finale The Artworks.

It’s been a long ride but, Gundam Wing’s sequel Frozen Teardrop has came to an end. 13 Volumes and the final Epilogue chapter contained in the official artbook. It’s been a  bumpy ride with delays and disappointments but, it is over. A sigh of releif is exhailed. Here is my preview/review of the the official artworks book and epilogue.

[First off let me appologize for my cleanliness, DHL just dropped this off while I was working on my car and I had to share it… luckly I didn’t dirty the pages with my oily hands :)]


I will begin the review by saying this art book is BEAUTIFUL! All the pages are a semi satin finish similar to photo paper with thick glossy inks. The cover if a full satin finish with the exception of the title which is printed in a glossy silver! The inks and art are very crisp and it is obvious that the artwork was made digitally and at a much larger resolution than printed in the Frozen Teardrop novels.

The book is pretty much full color with the exception of 5-6 pages (the epilogue chapter and the credits pages.) 99% of the book is the artwork shown in the novel series however this time in full color and not black and white/greytones.




Sadly this is the ONLY image featuring gundams and mechanics in the entire book which is a LOW BLOW. I can only guess Katoki didn’t give his blessing on this one. Really it shouldn’t be a surprise as the novels themselves only had a handful of partial images of the MS designs. It is rumored that Katoki only wanted to illustrate the covers for Frozen Teardrop, which is why the full MS designs are never shown (other than Gundam Prometheus.) Well if no gundams didn’t fully kill your interest, read and view on.



A lot of the novel cover images have been edited. Some characters rearanged, some enlarge and broken up. Sadly they also have again removed any traces of the gundam from the cover artworks. Most of the black and white images that filled the story pages remain in there original size. Some of the more key images however do get a full page feature.



Along with this artbook is Frozen Teardrop’s final chapter, The Epilogue. It’s roughtly 5 pages long and is is in Japanese text. While I cannot fully read the story I can roughtly provide a description of the events that take place with the help of others whom were kind enough to share the basic outline. Sadly it seems the story is basiclly a Relena X Heero finale and comes across as a poorly writen fan fiction love story.



Basically, the epilogue is a short story about Heero and Relena and their life on Mars as husband and wife, 5 months after the end of vol.13.


Here is a basic summary provided by [http://athenise.tumblr.com]


“This is a summary I made when I read this for the first time. (I first translated into Thai and then I translated into English) There are some little points or details that I skipped and didn’t mention it in the summary. 
My Japanese skill isn’t good and I’ve never translated anything into English, so if there’s any mistakes in this summary, please tell me and I will fix it.

Epilogue: 静寂の終曲 (Finale of Silence)

– Heero proposed to Relena in spring of MC0023 (the end of novel vol.13) and they lived together on Mars, in the lakeside house with flower garden. In this epilogue, it was summer of the same year. They were married for 5 months.

– They didn’t sign the marriage license because Heero didn’t have ID no. (Lol) but that was fine to them.

– Relena still kept calling Heero “Heero”. He wanted to change his name but he had no idea (He didn’t want to use “Aiden” or “Clark” or “Beta”) so Relena decided to call him the same.

– In epilogue, they were having afternoon tea together after Heero tended their garden (how cute)

– After the tea, Heero showed his birth certificate with his mother’s name “Aoi” on it to Relena. The father’s name on the document was blank. He told her that he could use this to register for ID no. and then they can sign on their marriage license to become (real/legally) husband and wife. Heero also said that when they have their own children, he didn’t want the father name was blank. (Awwwwww) That made Relena blushed and she was very happy.

– Relena and Heero came to see the white rose iceberg that she planted by herself. She told him that the flower language of white rose is purity/innocence and mutual love. And the another name of iceberg is “Snow white” (same as the name of his gundam)

– When he saw the rose garden, Heero was surprised that he felt the tear in his eyes because he thought that his tear was frozen all along.

– Here’s the last scene’s conversation:
Heero : This is wonderful. This rose garden is the most beautiful place on Mars.
Relena : Eh?, then tell me where is the most beautiful place in space?
Heero : ….I can’t.
Relena : Why?
Heero : I’ve never looked all around the space, so I don’t want to lie to you.
(Relena thought that it’s ok if he lie for once)
Relena : Heero, you are so mean….
Heero : Relena who still keep calling me “Heero” is mean.

In the garden with sunset, their silhouettes were together forever.





In total there is around 96 pages of artwork, give or take a few blank white pages. Luckly the artwork’s quality is one thing FT had going for it. Hopefully they will also release an artbook for the GundamW: Glory of the Losers manga series when it finishes up later this year!

I’m going to end the post with a few more images from the artbook.


Would I recomend it? -only if your an obsessed Wing fan like yours truely.